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Upon evaluation of [Freezeblock1] Unified Gutter System, it is my professional opinion that the new product idea is technically feasible as conceived. The invention is a method and system by which a roof gutter system is integrated with a barrier type roofing material to prevent roof ice damage in cold weather climates.

As I understand the Inventor's intentions, [Freezeblock] Unified Gutter System would be constructed of an aluminum gutter with a solid, no-seam, roofing material composed of a rubberized composite material. These materials are known to the industrial community and are readily available and at a reasonable cost.

[Freezeblock] Unified Gutter System can be manufactured by existing metal extrusion technologies and mass production assembly techniques. There are many companies throughout the industrialized nations capable of performing the manufacturing process.

One area of concern is that the roofing material extends back up the roof an adequate distance to protect against ice damage.

Although development still remains which could alter the final production design, the above is my considered opinion as of this date.

— James A. Bickford, P. E.
Professional Engineer - State of Ohio
Registration Number E-51782

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  1. At the time of publication of Mr. Bickford's document, the name "Freezeblock" was not yet chosen.

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