Freezeblock - Installation Process

Here are the steps taken in the installation of the Freezeblock guttering system.

1. This is the Freezeblock gutter prior to installation, and ready to be affixed to the building. Gutter prior to installation
2. Note the ice and water shield (underlayment) extending several inches beyond the shingles and roof edge, left by the roofing installer. Ice and water shield (underlayment)
3. Underlayment is secured (taped) up out of the way to allow for installation of the Freezeblock gutter. The gutter is set in place at the proper pitch, etc., and is secured with a few screws through the back wall above the sealing channel. Underlayment is secured
4. The ice and water shield is now trimmed, using the bottom edge of the Freezeblock inner sealing channel as guide, and inserted into that channel. (This covers the temporary holding screws used to hold the gutter after aligning for pitch in the previous photo). The gutter is now permanently mounted by installing the spike and ferrule hangars (recommended). Next, the sealing channel is tapped or crimped closed using a tool such as a blunt chisel to firmly grip the underlayment. Underlayment is now inserted
5. To help ensure a watertight seal, the channel is caulked, completing the installation. Watertight seal
6. Installation of the Freezeblock System is now completed ensuring a watertight integrity of the roof and soffit area. Installation is complete
7. (Update 8 February 2011) The above section of roof and gutter with the Freezeblock system were affected with an ice dam during the recent "snowpocalypse" event. The ice dam is quite thick, but not a drop of water entered the house. Ice dam on this gutter

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