Freezeblock Prevents Water Damage

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Stops Ice Dams From Causing Leaks

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U.S. Patent Number 5953861

This document will introduce Freezeblock, a newly patented technology available for licensing. Freezeblock is the revolutionary new guttering system that prevents moisture damage to homes due to ice buildup, water evaporation from misaligned gutters, and water damming from other causes such as leaves and twigs. This is especially a problem in roof eaves, which lack the heat of the living areas. Freezeblock is affordable to manufacture, simple to install, and works just as well on commercial and residential buildings.

Traditional gutters are prone to blockage, especially in winter when ice jams push water back up under the roofing material and damage fascia boards and A house suffering from an ice dam
House with ice dam
interior walls. In warmer climates, heavy rains and blocked gutters cause the same problems. This damage is costly, time consuming to repair, and may significantly damage the structure of any building over time. Please see some examples of serious home damage.

Freezeblock is the only guttering product available which prevents this damage while remaining simple to install and as affordable as traditional guttering.

Freezeblock's effectiveness lies in its ingenious design. To all appearances a traditional gutter, Freezeblock features a thin channel on the house-side of the gutter. Flexible underlayments, such as Celo-Guard™, fit into this channel, which is then crimped with a special crimping tool and caulked, creating a watertight seal that unifies the gutter to the underlayment, preventing any moisture from entering the house through the fascia or walls.

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